Storytelling with Mr. Matt Murrie

Storytelling with Mr. Matt Murrie

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  • Online Workshop
  • Lecturer: Matt Murrie
  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Date: September / October 2020
  • Participants: up to 10
  • Delivery: Online Zoom/ Eyeson
  • Recourses: Presentation, Video material shared only with training participants. Also recording shall be available for participants after the training for a limited time.

We live in a time when everyone with a laptop and internet access can become a storyteller, writer, publicist, but what if…? in many stories it's hard to find your audience. What if both content creators and readers deserve better and more?

Matt talks about the universal principles of a good story regardless of the channel. You can make it as a video, blog post, social media post, book, photo, and all if it has that wow factor you’ve made it. This workshop gives you guidelines on how to:

  • Find new stories to deliver your message
  • Present your message clearly with structure and purpose
  • Capture your audience attention
  • Lead and inspire your audience step-by-step and Influence your followers but not only your followers
  • Use different channels and adapt the story to the channel
  • Digital storytelling
  • Sales storytelling – Pitch

The best comes last. You get to exercise a tailor-made sales pitch, a digital story, a self-presentation in front of a job recruiter… Matt has a tailor-made assignment for each attendee according to their professional background. Sign up now and tell your story in the most compelling way!

Mr. Matt Murrie is the author of The Book of What If ...?, The founder of What If ...? Curiosity and creator of a specific learning process based on curiosity, asking questions, and looking for answers. He is an extraordinary storyteller that makes you think about the storyline and engages you in the narration that is why we have him as the My Master Lab trainer for focused forward storytelling. Read more here >>

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