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Prof. Kurt Jefferson - Dean of Graduate Education at Spalding University, USA. We are proud to have a political scientist with extensive background in European politics, in partucular Balkan politics as a trainer at our Applied Leadership Training.

Prof. Kurt Jefferson has dedicated more than 30 years in research on leadership, international politics, collaborative teamwork, diplomacy and management. He is an expert on European politics, currently teaches global leadership, winner of several teaching awards over the years and in 2009 he was named as one of the “Legends of the Faculty” by the Westminster College Alumni Association. Taught at ICN Graduate Business School in Nancy, France in 2008 and 2010. At Spalding University (Louisville, Kentucky), in 2018, he was named by Louisville Business First as one of the Louisville metro’s “20 People to Know in Education.” Author of numerous journal articles (American Review of Politics, PS: Political Science & Politics, Global Economic Review, Journal of Scientific Psychology, etc.) Commentaries in  Global New York Times, on BBC World Service, Jamaican Public Radio (Kingston), Voice of America.” He has trained, one-on-one, lot of politicians and executives. Most recently he has established a Leadership Podcast “U3L” and explores the subject of digital data analysis in a certain political environment and using the conclusions into effectively leading others. Linkedin >>



Collin Bunch is an Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator at REDI, USA. He guides people to become

entrepreneurs and we are thrilled to have him as a trainer at the My Master Lab Empowering Entrepreneurs training.

As a college student, he launched a social venture called Chairs that Care with classmates. They made a net profit of $13,000 in four months for a local women’s shelter. He did some large consulting projects on corporate culture and the socioeconomic approach to management. While pursuing his MBA has been recruited to the Small Business & Technology Development Centers as a counselor. Because of his success and results, he was given the opportunity to lead the newly created entrepreneurship program within REDI. This was a unique opportunity to create a new program and focus on innovation that builded both the startup ecosystem and the individual entrepreneurs. They held their first Game Jam in January 2017, mostly as a way to draw out some other game development talent to help the HUB client Space Shark Studios. They quickly found out there was a huge pool of hidden talent and passion around video and tabletop games. Their third Game Jam saw the creation of 14 video games, four tabletop games, and two VR games. Colin is eager to connect with the startup community in South-Eastern Europe and engage discussion with local entrepreneurs on exploring opportunities for finding USA investors for new ideas and innovations. Linkedin >>


J Scott Christianson - Assistant Teaching Professor at the Trulaske College of Business at the University of Missouri and trainer at forward focused trainings

J Scott Christianson is a successful instructor and business owner with more than 23 years of experience in networking, videoconferencing technology and project management. Winner of several teaching awards such as Vanguard Teaching with Technology Award;  John A. Riggs, Jr., Excellence in MBA Teaching (Elective Courses) Award;  Vanguard Teaching with Technology Award ; Distance Learning Leadership Award;  Top 20 Under 40 Award etc. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the internet of things (IoT) promise to transform industries, making them more productive with much less cost and environmental impact. But these technologies will only be useful if organizations understand, trust, and adopt them. And right now, just understanding what these technologies are can be difficult, even for the brightest in their fields. Scott helps people understand the impact that these technologies will have on business, society, and our collective future.
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Matt Murrie is the author of The Book of What If ...?, The founder of What If ...? Curiosity and creator of a specific learning process based on curiosity, asking questions and looking for answers. He is an extraordinary storyteller that makes you think about the story line and engages you in the narration, which is why we have him as a My Master Lab trainer for focused forward Storytelling.

Matt uses curiosity to help teachers, entrepreneurs, CEOs and empathetic leaders turn their natural curiosity into a force for learning, innovation and collaboration for a better world. Matt has worked as a Peace Corps volunteer for many years, teaching and learning about new cultures and patterns of behavior in the business world on three continents, Europe, America and Asia. He has written seven books with his father, Steve Marie. Matt taught English literature, creative writing and entrepreneurship at Westminster College and was a columnist for the popular Huffington Post portal. Today, he is a social entrepreneur and "edupreneur" who constantly re-examines through questions and answers everything we take for granted in everyday life. We live in a time when everyone with a laptop and internet access can become a storyteller, writer, publicist, but what if…? in many stories it's hard to find your audience. What if both content creators and readers deserve better and more? LinkedIn >>



Tron Jordheim is one of those entrepreneurs who can make something out of nothing. He started his first business in the sixth grade with a roll of paper towels and a can of window cleaner and was one of the people who helped New York City start its Police K-9 unit. That was before he helped people build businesses in the bottled water and self storage worlds. He is sharing with the world his sales strategies and persuasion skills within All You Can Sell workshop.

Tron was working as a cold-call sales person for the Great Bear Bottled Water Company in New York City. They gave him the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which was the worst performing territory in New York.It wasn’t long before it became one of the best performing territories and he was being sent out to work in other markets as a trainer and sales-blitz leader. Great Bear was eventually taken over by the Perrier Group and its Poland Spring Water division, which made known its intent to eliminate the sales force and fire all the Great Bear middle management people. It was one of those odd but frequent conversations when a boss sits down with a top sales rep and says “You are making too much money, so we are letting you go”. That’s when Tron decided to move to Central Missouri where the commute is short and the prairie wind is bitter. Once in Missouri, Tron saw that a Culligan Bottled Water franchise was trying to make a business grow and went helping to make that happen. Tron helped grow the business from 1,200 customers to 6,800. It became the Culligan Bottled Water franchise with the highest per capita penetration of bottled water accounts of any in the 900 plus dealers in the Culligan network. It wasn’t long before Tron became a verb. After training and consulting for other bottled water companies and other Culligan dealers, sales people stopped going selling and started going “Troning” to get more customers. His booklet, “Setting Coolers” and his work in the field are two of the reasons why many of you use water five gallons at a time.

After Coke and Pepsi decided to get into the bottled water business in a big way, Tron decided to look for other opportunities. As it turned out, the massive distribution network of Coke and Pepsi and the convenience of small bottles of water did cause the five gallon water business to plateau dramatically.

And then along came an opportunity to grow the Self Storage business. Tron spent 15 years helping to grow one of the largest privately held self storage companies in North America, before moving on to work with his friends at Store Here and the RHW Capital Management Group.

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