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AI and Machine Learning in Sales, HR and Business Innovation with Mr. J Scott Christianson
Focused Forward Online Workshop Lecturer: Mr. J Scott Christianson Date: September / Oct..
90.00 €
Ex Tax: 76.27 €
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3 Workshops >> Blockchain & Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things
All the knowledge you need on Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of..
270.00 €
Ex Tax: 228.81 €
3 Workshops >> Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Sales + All You Can Sell + Empowering Entrepreneurs
Create a product of the future using the new technologies under the mentorship of an expert in AI an..
270.00 €
Ex Tax: 228.81 €

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This is a story that started 18 years ago. Back then, we had an idea to make a regional integrated communications empire-and we did it. Represent Communications has grown to a System where we practice what we preach. The experienced professionals base their experience on everyday work with clients on real business projects. Building the RC system wasn’t easy, we have made mistakes, we’ve had setbacks, and we’ve failed lots of times when we shouldn’t have, but that’s life. We must have done a lot of things right because we have developed London school of PR as the crown jewel of the RC Knowledge Academy and we have had the support of clients like The Coca-Cola Company, PMI, Hemofarm, Microsoft, Nelt etc…for decades.
As the world is facing a major reinvention of common things, everything familiar needs to be re-examined, and we need to be focused forward.  That’s why My Master Lab is created: to be the digital space where Education, Experience and Eagerness meet.​ more info>>

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