Focused Forward Applied Leadership with Prof. Kurt Jefferson

Focused Forward Applied Leadership with Prof. Kurt Jefferson

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  • Online Training with Prof. Kurt Jefferson 
  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Date: September / October 2020
  • Participants: up to 10
  • Delivery: Online Zoom/ Eyeson
  • Recourses: Presentation, Video material shared only with training participants. Also recording shall be available for participants after the training for a limited time.

As a political scientist with an extensive background in European politics especially in Balkan politics Dr. Kurt Jefferson has trained many politicians and CEOs in how to apply the basic leadership principles in every day encountered in the workplace. How to use the knowledge in leadership and make it your leverage in achieving a better negotiating position in sales, a promotion at work, or financing for your future project.

This effective and packed training includes leadership essentials like:

  • Understand where your power comes from, Know yourself and identify the values that guide your life and how to influence and persuade others
  • Be a more effective leader through understanding how to manage others
  • Enhance the creativity and innovation of your teams

Offers you a perspective on how to become a high-performance leader by:

  • Discovering your leadership tasks
  • Boosting your capacity to change and move to a higher level
  • Building a network

More importantly, this training is focused forward with tailor-made assignments for each and every attendee according to their background. That is why you get to:

  • Experience team leadership situations and experiment with your role as a leader
  • Receive intense individual feedback and coaching
  • Develop strong team leadership qualities and team management skills
  • Renew your energy and learn to mobilize people towards key business goals
  • Leading your team through crisis and change
  • Discover how behavioral change improves individual performance and can transform companies, understand what really motivates your employees  (case studies)
  • Learn practical techniques you can use daily

Meet Dr. Kurt Jefferson - Dean of Graduate Education at Spalding University, USA. We are proud to have a political scientist with an extensive background in European politics especially in Balkan politics as a trainer in our Applied Leadership Training. Read more here >>

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