All You Can Sell with Mr. Tron Jordheim

All You Can Sell with Mr. Tron Jordheim

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  • Online Workshop
  • Lecturer: Tron Jordheim
  • Date: September / October 2020
  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Participants: up to 10
  • Delivery: Online Zoom/ Eyeson
  • Recourses: Presentation, Video material shared only with training participants. Also recording shall be available for participants after the training for a limited time.

Selling isn’t easy. Being a sales rep means always prospecting, presenting demos, cold calling, and ultimately, trying to provide value throughout the buying experience. With Tron you get the chance to learn from his professional experience interesting and effective sales techniques that work.

Furthermore we sell, consciously or not, in almost every interaction we have. From selling our idea to watch the movie we like when friends are more inclined to pick other, to selling the product that you’ve spent a lifetime crafting it, and building a company around it. Find out how to react in real-life situations that Tron creates for each attendee at the workshop according to their background and experience.

Also, you get to ask:

How not to take the rejection personally?

How to move towards closing the deal?

How to get rid of the pressure and make both the client and the salesman feel good during the process?  

And more importantly you get the answers to these questions.

This is not sales in theory – this is crafting your killer sales pitch that can get you fast forward into the future.

Mr. Tron Jordheim is one of those entrepreneurs who can make something out of nothing. He started his first business in the sixth grade with a roll of paper towels and a can of window cleaner and was one of the people who helped New York City start its Police K-9 unit. That was before he helped people build businesses in the bottled water and self-storage worlds. He is sharing with the world his sales strategies and persuasion skills in the All you can sell workshop. Read more here>>

The Chuckle Rule in sales by Tron Jordheim

There are many mathematical formulas and behavior theories that one must consider when crafting a sales program and projecting out a sales cycle. None of these rules are more fun than the Chuckle Rule. There are very few basic drives that steer humanity. Once the basic needs of food and shelter are taken care of you are left with fear, greed, sex drive and the love of laughter. Some behaviorists might disagree with me. They might place laughter in a completely different category. But I think it is indeed one of the most basic drives that determine human behavior. It also appears to be one of the healthiest and most enjoyable activities a person can participate in. When laughter is used in the selling process, it becomes a powerful tool.

Most selling situations can get a little tense. There are a lot of emotions involved in any buying process. Certainly people do not find the need to make big buying decisions a happy circumstance. Most selling situations involve two companies or two sales people competing for business. This can bring the pressure to a boiling point. If your sales numbers are a little off or if you feel threatened by a new competitor in your market, you might feel the need to fight for your next sale.

So there you are at the counter not wanting this prospect to slip away. There is the prospect walking in your door wishing he was hitting his thumb with a hammer rather than having to spend money or make a decision. Yes, the use of all your best sales technique and all the newest and coolest methods will help seal the deal and get a signature on the order. But there is a simple and fun way to dramatically increase the likelihood of doing business with that prospect. Share a few chuckles.


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